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  • The analogy of using a video as a business card isn’t just a clever metaphor.

    Think about it:  When do you hand people a business card? ........... When you meet them for the first time and want to make sure they remember you.

    To-Day, your first meeting with a potential client may not take place in person. You may not even know it’s happened at all. That’s because so many people are using the Internet to research potential business contacts before actually reaching out to talk to you. They’ll be visiting your website, checking out your social media presence, and looking at videos you may have posted on YouTube or Vimeo, giving them a background knowledge about your services

    All of these will tell them more about you and your product than a business card that only has your name and contact information. Do you approach things with a sense of humor, or are you all business? Is your style relaxed and comfortable or sophisticated and daring? Does your level of expertise meet their expectations? Up to a few years ago, it could take them weeks or longer to get to know you well enough to decide whether they were comfortable enough to give you their business. Now, they can make that decision in a matter of minutes,  if you give them the means.

    That’s where video comes in. Having video on your website gives people an introduction to you and a good sense of how you like to approach your business. An introductory video that welcomes people to your site will go a long way in establishing rapport with your potential clients giving them a real sense of who you are. If you have a slew of videos embedded in your site it also lets them know you’re serious about maintaining your presence and willing to put time and energy into keeping your image fresh.

    Whether you are just need a strong introductory video for your company website or a series of videos highlighting your expertise in your field, training videos to help your staff keep their edge, NZ Video Production can deliver quality video promotions, training videos of your products and services that will help you put your best foot forward in any situation.

    We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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