• Aerial Drone Video & Photography

  • Aerial drone video footage is becoming a great tool for advertising agencies and businesses.

    Drone footage allows you to really take your consumers on a ride and tell them a story from a different perspective. One that can take place from a bird’s eye view. At NZ Video Production, we have embraced this new technology added it to the street level conversation and created a whole new way to visually communicate to your customers and potential customers.

    Aerial footage is more affordable than you’d think. It’s much more cost-efficient than the old days of hiring a plane or helicopter to get aerial video and pictures. Here are just a few reasons and benefits of why your business should add some aerial video to your portfolio.

    Be Unforgettable:  Aerial footage will create TV spots to stay in viewers’ minds longer than basic generic stock footage. Why, because it allows them to identify with something more familiar. Sweeping shots of the local landscape, the mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes will leave a much more lasting impression on the viewer.

    Benefits for Realtors: No industry has grasped the benefits of aerial footage quite as well as the Real Estate industry, hotels and accommodation providors. When it comes to showcasing the outside of a home or property, it behooves all to get the best view possible. Viewers can take an aerial trip up the driveway right to the front door. An outside aerial view will also give potential homeowners a sense of the property and looking around.

    Plus let’s face it, it’s cool. Whether your business is 3rd generation and been around for 100 years, or whether you’re getting ready to celebrate your 5th anniversary adding a little coolness the right way will always add money to the bottom line.

    If you would like to know more about how drone video can enhance your businesses’ profile and add some great video to your companies repertoire contact NZ Video Production today for a sample of how we blend aerial video with street level video to give your video a whole new meaning.

  • A Small Sample of our Drone Work